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BETA Technology and Engineering

South Texas Business Education and Technology Academy offers a wide variety of courses in tecnology and engineering fields.



Principles of IT

The Principles of Information Technology course is one of the first technology classes that students will take at BETA as freshmen. The aim of the class is to enlighten students on the fundamentals of computing. Students will study a variety of topics including binary code, the components of a computer, how to use common PC applications(i.e. Microsoft Office), etc.


Internet Core Competency(IC3/IC4)
Microsoft Office Specialist

Mrs. Rogé - An outstanding and widely experienced teacher with expertise in the fields of Principles of IT, Web Tech, and Computer maintenance. She has obtained an array of certifications from Certiport, Adobe, and Microsoft. She is also a certified test administrator.


Introduction to Engineering and Design

In addition to Principles of IT, freshman students will also take the Introduction to Engineering Design course. This goal of this course is to provide students with adequate knowledge of the design process that will aid them in pursuing future careers in engineering. Not only will students learn how to make design sketches, they will also learn how to use design software in order to make 3D design projects.


Autodesk Certified User(Inventor)


Digital Interactive Media

Students will take the Digital Interactive Media course during their sophmore year. This course teaches students the principles of graphic design using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Throughout the course, students will create a plethora of projects that involve the editing of images as well as the creation of graphic art.


Adobe Certified Associate(Photoshop)
Adobe Certified Associate(Illustrator)
Adobe Certified Associate(InDesign)


Computer Science

The Computer Science course is another class taken during sophmore year. The course focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming. Students first review over binary operations that they should have learned in Principles of IT. They then learn the basics of coding through Scratch. Afterwards, they'll be taught how to manually code using programming languages such as Python and Java.


IB Film

If a student decides to enroll in the IB program his/her junior year, he/she will have the option to take the IB Film course. In this class, students analyze the artistic elements of films in order to apply them to cinematic projects of their own. Since it is an IB class, IB film can count for college credit depending on the university.


Web Technologies

Juniors in the technology track typically also take the Web Technologies course. Here students learn the basics of website development and network management. Students are taught how to create and format webpages through HTML. They also have the oppurtunity to become certified web developers through the CIW certification program.


Certified Internet Webmaster(CIW)

Mr. Alvarado - A new tech teacher to Beta, was a former teacher for Animation and Engineering. Currently teaches Web Tech alongside Mrs. Rogé, and is part of the Technology department.


Computer Science AP/IB

For juniors entering the AP or IB programs, there is the option to take the Computer Science AP/IB courses. Both courses exhibit advanced programming principles. In addition, they can also count for college credits depending on the university.



Tecnology juniors also have the option to take the Animation course. This course involves the creation of graphic animation sequences using the Adobe Flash animation application.
Mr. Cavazos - New tech teacher to Beta, taught Web Tech for his first semester at Beta and is the current teacher for an Animation and Engineering. He is a certified test administrator and has a background in the fields of Mathematics and Technology.

Computer Maintenance


Juniors and seniors in the technology track have the opportunity to take the Computer Maintenance course. This course dives into the troubleshooting of computer systems. Students learn about the functional processes of computers and how to repair such systems. Students also have the opportunity for internships where they help to troubleshoot and repair any technology that may be malfunctioning.


CompTia A+